On October 12, 2022, Eva Bartolomé, the Director General of Tourism for the Government of Cantabria, and Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón, a distinguished film director and academic from Cantabria, showcased the stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Cantabria at the Instituto Cervantes in Paris. The event targeted travel agents, Spanish students, and journalists in Paris, and featured a screening of the film “La Vida que te espera,” filmed in the picturesque Valles Pasiegos.

Full House at Film Screening in Paris

The screening attracted considerable attention, reaching full capacity at the venue. Juan Manuel Bonet, Director of the Instituto Cervantes in Paris, and Elena Valdés, Director of the Spanish Tourism Office in Paris, were also in attendance. Eva Bartolomé emphasized the importance of leveraging cinema to entice international travelers to explore Cantabria’s scenic beauty.

Promoting Cantabria to European Markets

Bartolomé highlighted the strategic focus on attracting European tourists, especially from France, the UK, Germany, and Portugal. She outlined various promotional efforts initiated by the Ministry of Innovation, Industry, Tourism, and Commerce to actively engage potential visitors and make Cantabria an appealing destination.

Innovative Marketing Strategies and Direct Flights to Cantabria

A key announcement at the event was the introduction of a direct flight service between Paris and the Seve Ballesteros Airport starting May 6, with two weekly flights throughout the year. This service aims to enhance connectivity and encourage more French and Parisian tourists to visit Cantabria. The regional government’s collaboration with Vueling was also noted, as the airline contributed round-trip tickets for a raffle among the attendees.

Highlighting Cantabria’s Cultural and Natural Attractions

The event also served to promote Cantabria’s diverse offerings, including sports tourism, cultural experiences, and leisure activities. Noteworthy attractions like the Northern Way of St. James, World Heritage-listed caves, and the Lebaniego Jubilee Year were specifically mentioned to attract French travelers.

Cantabria through Cinema

Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón discussed how his film not only showcases Cantabria’s Valles Pasiegos but also enhances the region’s image as a tourist destination. He expressed satisfaction that his cinematic work could contribute significantly to regional tourism.

Cantabria: A Blend of Nature, History, and Culture

Juan Manuel Bonet praised Cantabria’s rich offerings, including Altamira, Santaillana del Mar, and notable figures like Gerardo Diego and Menéndez Pelayo, making it an excellent travel destination.

Culinary Delights and Promotions

The event also featured a tasting of Cantabrian regional products and concluded with a raffle that included flights, accommodation stays, and tickets to Cantur facilities.

The Tourism Ministry plans to replicate this successful presentation format with Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón at the Instituto Cervantes in Lisbon on May 25, further promoting Cantabria’s connections with other European capitals.